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Leave something for the future generations

History of the conference

The international student (youth) conference “Economics for Ecology” started in 1992 for the first time.

Let's walk on pages of a history and we shall recollect, that it was in time: after disintegration of the USSR Ukraine, as well as the majority of former union republics, experienced a crisis stage of the becoming and development as new independent state. That was shown in a high rate of inflation, general poverty, constant nonpayment of wages, grants. There was an impression, that we appeared on boondocks of a history. The developed situation demanded general consolidation of efforts and acceptance of drastic measures by all social institutes.

Also higher educational institutions have played an important role in searching ways of problems decision. One of the brightest representatives is Sumy State University (SumSU) - university of classical type, 4-th level of accreditation. It includes 8 faculties, 48 departments (

Kind of SumSU contribution to the decision of problems of economy and ecology interdependence that already had time to become actual was a creation of conference «Economy for Ecology». The founder of conference is the professor, the doctor of economic sciences Melnik Leonid Grigoryevich.

At the initial stages of conference existence separate foreign experts were involved for participation whom there was established cooperation with. Representatives of the organization of the United Nations on preservation of the environment and volunteers have been involved in conference in separate years. Originally there was a tendency, that reports, scientific development, various projects in the greater degree were represented by already taken place scientific figures and experts from Belgium, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the Peace corp. Further the number of participants among students and young scientists has increased.

Since 1998 there was students’ decision to change a format of carrying out of conference. Its theoretical part (discussion of substantive provisions, carrying out of "round" tables (debate)) was conducted at university, and practical part (carrying out of intellectual group games) was conducted in camps, including entertainment with elements of participants national cultures.

During conference existence there were representatives of various regions of Ukraine and the various countries among participants of ISCS (ICYS):
Lithuania, Turkey, Italy, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Serbia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Poland, Russian Federation, Estonia, Ghana, Hungary, Congo Democracy Republic, Georgia, Burundi, Bangladesh, Belarus, Kenya, Germany, Uganda, the USA, Canada, Romania, Moldova, etc.

«Economy for Ecology» contributed for occurrence of young perspective experts who presented their scientific works on the basis of conference materials like ex-chairman of conference Alexander Romanko who works in Canada now. Natives of conference - post-graduate students and teachers of high schools - have brought up new talented generation of followers who can be passed on the baton in struggle for the best future to. In fact the motto of our conference: «Leave something to future generations!»


Alina Moskute, Klaipeda, Lithuania:

! I’m very happy to be here for the second time. I’m sure this kind of event contributes to every single personal development as well as to our communities in Ukraine and other countries. The programme in my view was good organized! The food was also OK. The only I was missing coffee in the mornings J (there was just tea).

Svetlana Tokareva, Leonid Plotnitskiy, Odessa, Ukraine:

Great thanks to organizing committee for these several days which we will remember forever. You are like one friendly family. And you've wonderful united excellent work with great rest. We are leaving from Sumy with multitude of pleasant emotions, among which the most mark able is the great wish to return to ISCS again and again

Ekaterina Konchenko, Elena Karaganova, Donetsk, Ukraine:

ISCS is really a great conference. We took part in ISCS last year and came this year. And we believe it's not the last time we are here. During the conference the work is connected with the rest. And the communication with participants as well as with the organizing committee gives not only inspiration and enthusiasm but also knowledge. Thanks organizing committee for that.

And some participants of the ISCS wanted to say several words concerning the event several even in poetry.

Being here in this place -
Felling like in heaven
You should slow here you pace,
Just to see the whole romance
Listening to the birds forever.
Here we see another world
World of magic and amore
Here you know you're in safe
Here you feel life that never ends.
Here you've got to look and gaze
At the stars that like in space
At the stars that live forever
We are here like the stars
And if feels like leaving never.


There is no chance to stimulate
So we can't now brake the gates
The businessmen're without spirit
There are no other ways to handle it.

Besides the profit getting
They won't be stimulated
But ecofunds may be increased,
If they all will be pleased.

Mass Media in Globe
Has got enormous Hope
In public "WILD LIFE" programs
To highlight ecoproblems.

Producers in Green Party,
They ought to be fighting
For ecolife surviving.
Investment's hard to find here.

Pollution has to be reduced
Though, pay attention to that clues!
We now need ISCS, PPUE,
GRID, UNEP for great SD!!!

Сумский государственный университет SORCE ARMADA