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Travel Tips to Ukraine

About Ukraine

Ukraine is an independent sovereign state. Though, many people think that our country is a part of Russian Federation. It is a big mistake - Ukraine isn't a part of Russia. Ukraine supports friendly relations with Russia.

Ukraine is a neighbor of European Union. It has a status of a country with a market economy. Our government is implementing a special developed program to enter the WTO.

You can see our national clothes at the picture. By the way, take the national clothes of your country (if it is possible) for International Party which will be held during ISCS'2012!

Ukraine is known all over the world by:

  • Orange Revolution
  • Chornobyl Zone
  • Zaporizka Sich
  • Carpathian mountains are famous among European tourists
  • Andriy Shevchenko (football player of Chelsea)
  • Vladimir and Vitaliy Klichko (the boxers)
  • Singer Ruslana, the winner of Evrovision 2005
  • The conference ISCS "Economics for Ecology"


In Ukraine people speak Ukrainian (it is our national language) and Russian. Lots of people know and speak English (mostly youth).

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Our national currency is called "HRIVNA" (1 $ ≈ 26 hrivnas, 1 euro ≈ 26 hrivnas)


  • Take some cash with you, because the system of electronic payments is not so widely spread in our country;
  • Change money only in Banks;
  • You can use only International Banking Cards (MasterCard and Visa International).

How to get

Traveling by train:

We advise you to visit site, where you can find the information how to get to Ukraine by train. Firstly you arrive in Kiev (the capital of Ukraine). It takes approximately 5 hours to get from Kiev to Sumy by train or by bus.

Traveling by air:

If you travel by air you arrive at Borispol airport. It is not far from Kiev. So you can get to Kiev by bus and then to Sumy (by bus or by train) or you may go strait from Borispol airport to Sumy by bus (It costs something about 15$).

If you want to go by bus (from Kiev or from Borispol) we can reserve the tickets, but you need to inform us beforehand!


The symbol of the city is "ALTANKA". You should visit it! Besides, there are a lot of interesting historical and modern places. You can see them at the pictures!

Sumy is famous for it's nature. It is so beautiful especial in spring, when the nature awakes. You'll have a chance to admire the beauty of the nature during our conference, because some events will take place in the forest near the river.

There are such higher educational establishments in Sumy as Sumy State University, Sumy National Agriculture University, Sumy State Pedagogical University, Ukrainian National Academy of Banking and lots of small departments from other cities. Our conference is organized on the base of Sumy State University. This university has highly developed international relations. Our students take part in many International conferences regularly. By the way students from 40 countries study in Sumy.

National meals

The food in Ukraine is similar to European food. But we have also specifically national Ukrainian dishes here in Ukraine. For example, such as:

  1. Ukrainian Borsch with pampushky.
  2. Varenyky
  3. Salo
  4. Zaholod
  5. Korowai.


  • Take photo camera with you.
  • Pay attention! The temperature in spring is about +7-+15 °C in Ukraine. The weather is changeable. It may be warm in the morning, but cold enough in the evening. That's why, please, take warm clothes with you!
  • During the conference you'll need formal and informal clothes.
  • If you like sports, please, take sport clothes with you. There will be organized different sport games during ISCS'2012.
  • Take your invitation list with you. If there are some problems during your transportation show it or call organizing committee.
  • There are no special diet products. If you are on a diet, it'll be difficult to find such food for you.
  • If you have some chronicle problems with health, take your specific medicine with you, please.

ukrainian traditions 2

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